Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 Day of Chesed

Westchester Jewish Council Board Members and staff were among those in attendance at the Jewish Community Center of Mid-Westchester on Sunday, September 15th, participating in the annual Day of Chesed.

WJC President Paul Warhit
with Board Member Harriet Zeller
Stuart Kolbert (pictured, below) remarked, "The Day of Chesed once again shows the Jewish community at work, helping and assisting the general community in anyway we can. The young participants are learning the importance of helping those less fortunate. As Jews we continue responding to world crisis. Why don't we get better press?"

WJC Board Member Stuart Kolbert
with Executive Director Elliot Forchheimer
Harriet (Gigi) Zeller (pictured, right) said, "An incredible day of Tikun Olam...it was heartwarming to see so many attendees of all ages working together for the benefit of so many here and abroad."

WJC Board Member Mark Reisman said, "I was moved to be in the presence of so many people of all ages
and backgrounds enthusiastically taking part in the Mid-Westchester JCC's Day of Chesed. Coming on the heels of Yom Kippur and springing from the ashes of horrific national tragedy, the Day of Chesed helped me translate contemplation and sadness into inspiration and positive action. Yasher Koach to all who sponsored and participated in this terrific day!"

"Once again this year the Jewish Community Center of Mid-Westchester became the center of our community's expression of volunteerism in commemoration of 9/11," added WJC Executive Director Elliot Forchheimer.  "Thank you, JCC!"

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